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Quick Facts
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Agamidae
Genus: Uromastyx
Species: benti

Length: 12 inches
Gestation: 75 - 90 days
Life Span: 20 years

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Bent's Spiny-tailed Lizard

Uromastyx benti

Also Called: Rainbow Benti

Bent's Spiny-tailed lizard is found primarily in Yemen. Bent's Spiny-tailed lizard is one of 13 known species of the genus Uromastyx. They have a broad head, a stout body, and a flat, spike covered tail. When threatened, they will use their tail to block the entrance to their burrow for protection. Bent's Spiny-tailed lizard is often a mixture of orange, red, and blue colors as well as tan or yellow.

Bent's Spiny-tailed lizard is omnivorousWhat does omnivorous mean?. When young, spiny-tailed lizards seem to prefer insects as a food source. Older spiny-tailed lizards are primarily plant eaters but will eat insects when necessary. Most of the water that they require is absorbed from their food.

Bent's Spiny-tailed lizard is found in arid deserts among rocks or in burrows.

Bent's Spiny-tailed lizard is a fairly inquisitive lizard. When initially approached, they will run to a hide spot. Over time Bent's Spiny-tail will come out to investigate. Also, like other members of the Uromastyx genus, Bent's Spiny-tailed lizard is territorial and will move aggressively toward intruders. This is evident in females of the species as well, primarily toward other females but occasionally toward males.

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