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Dama Gazelle
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Quick Facts
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Genus: Gazella
Species: dama

Height: 36 - 48 inches
Length: 55 - 66 inches
Weight: 88 - 165 lbs
Gestation: 195 days
Offspring: 1
Life Span: 12 years

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Dama Gazelle

Gazella dama

Also Called: Addra Gazelle or Mhorr Gazelle

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The dama gazelle is the largest gazelle. The head, hindquarters, and the underbelly of this gazelle are white. The neck and back are a uniform reddish to chestnut color though there is a large color variation within the species. Their horns can be 14 inches long, but the female has shorter horns than the male. Dama gazelles are diurnal and, though they can survive long periods of draught, need more water than other desert creatures.

Dama gazelles are herbivoresWhat does herbivores mean? and eat acacia and bush leaves and grasses. To get the most out of the available food supply, they often stand on their hind legs to reach the upper leaves on the bushes.

The dama gazelle is found in Saharan Africa and is a desert animal. They range from Northern Sahara to the Sahel depending on the season.

The primary predatorWhat does predator mean? of the dama gazelle and the reason for its decline is man. Poachers have taken a great toll on this gazelle. They are also preyed upon by the cheetah, cape hunting dog, lion, leopard, hyena, and python.

Dama gazelles can be found in herds of 15 to 20 animals. They are highly nomadic and move from the Northern Sahara region in the rainy season to the Sahel in the dry season. The dama gazelle often masses into temporary migratory herds of hundreds of animals. Due to a population decline, this is not seen as much anymore. Male dama gazelles become territorial during the mating season. The rest of the time they are fairly docile. Dama gazelles are very alert and, when they detect a predatorWhat does predator mean?, will warn the others by "pronking". They jump in the air with all four legs stiff and leaving the ground at the same time.

Dama gazelles give birth to one baby gazelle after a gestationWhat does gestation mean? period of 6.5 months. After a few days, the baby gazelle is strong enough to follow its mother and after a week can run as fast as the adults.

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