How We Build Our Animal News Headlines

We have built an automated animal news bot -- the first of its kind. This bot (nicknamed ANDRE -- Animal News Detection and Retrieval Engine) is a simple form of artificial intelligence that sifts through news articles and determines whether or not they are fit for theBigZoo.com.

ANDRE has been trained manually by our staff on hundreds of news stories. As we train him, ANDRE develops a vocabulary (currently about 31,000 words!) along with an idea of how relevant each word is to our site.

As we release him to find new articles, he evaluates each one against his vocabulary and determines the relevance of the article. If ANDRE thinks the article belongs on our site, we include it on our news page.

ANDRE is truly a remarkable bot. We have been very pleased with the speed and accuracy he has shown. He is a great example of a practical application for artificial intelligence. However, we know he is not perfect. If you think ANDRE has made an error, please let us know. We are constantly looking to make him more accurate.

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