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Race for Survival Cars - Shark  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.37   (Save 23%)
Animal themed motorized cars. Durable plastic material. All pieces are phthalate free. Friction motor.

Fanta-sea Clip-On Blue Shark  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.36   (Save 23%)

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Itsy Bitsies Bucket: Aquatic (Blue Bucket)  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.17   (Save 26%)
Mini buckets with pop-off lids containing replicas. All pieces are phthalate-free. Contains 12 pieces. Animal dimensions: 1" to 3".
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Capt'n Sharky Pirate Coins  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.14   (Save 26%)
These sturdy rubber golden coins are imprinted with pirate designs. The sack of 20 is easy to carry and includes game instructions. (About 2 inches across)

Monterey Bay Blue Shark  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.09   (Save 27%)
The world's premier line of vinyl sealife replicas. Scale - 1:20. Model Size: 7 in. L x 2.5 in. H (18 x 6 cm) plus 5-language data hang tag. Age 5+
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Monterey Bay Hammerhead Shark  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.09   (Save 27%)
The world's premier line of vinyl sealife replicas. Scale - 1:20. Model Size: 9 in. L x 2.5 in. H (23 x 7 cm) plus 5-language data hang tag. Age 5+
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Wild Safari Bull Shark  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.09   (Save 27%)
Beautiful representations of our favorite sealife. Hand painted, phthalate free and safety tested replicas. Age 3+; Model Size: 5.75 in. L x 2.5 in. H (14.5 x 6.5 cm).
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X-Treme Adventure Raft - Shark  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.99   (Save 16%)
X-Treme Adventure Raft with Wind Up Action!

Shark Jacks  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.84   (Save 19%)
A classic game reborn from the deep blue sea! Bounce the ocean-blue ball, scoop up as many sharks as you can, and catch the ball with the same hand, letting the ball bounce only once. Can you do it?
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Mega Stretch Shark  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.84   (Save 19%)
Mega Stretch means mega fun! Assorted styles and colors; may vary;
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Wind-up Shark Car on a Puzzle Track  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.84   (Save 19%)
Wind-up Puzzles. Build the puzzle then wind-up the toy.

Shark Zoomers with Ripcord  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.72   (Save 21%)
Pull the ripcord and watch them race. Highly detailed. Fast running on hard surface.

Itsy Bucket: Aquatic Brights   Reg:$6.99 Now:$4.71   (Save 32%)
This set of 12 highly-detailed, ultra colorful animals comes in a convenient, reusable 3.5-inch bucket with a handle. Each animal is approximately 3 inches long.
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Bulk Assorted Sea Life (1 Piece)  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.67   (Save 22%)
These colorful ocean creatures are sold individually. Assortment includes sharks, walruses, penguins, lobsters, turtles, dolphins, crabs, seals, octopus, rays, and more. Exact animal will vary. each piece is approximately 2 inches long.
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Shark Wooden Maraca  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.64   (Save 22%)
Highly detailed noise makers with fun characters.

Shark Smart Playing Cards  Reg:$6.99 Now:$4.61   (Save 34%)
Add a touch of nature to your card games. Each deck features a different photo on each card. Standard size cards.

Shark Mask (Foam)  Reg:$6.99 Now:$4.36   (Save 37%)
Now your child can be the fiercest predator in the ocean! Ages 4+.
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Wild Safari Hammerhead Shark  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.32   (Save 27%)
The Wild Safari hand-painted, authentic, and affordable animal replicas stimulate creative play. Children love them for their playful poses, quality, and collectible range, as well as their educational value. A color-coded 5-language educational hang tag is included with each replica. This Hammerhead Shark measures 6.5" L x 2" H (16.5 x 5 cm). Age 3+
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Waterpoppers: Shark  Reg:$4.99 Now:$4.30   (Save 13%)
Waterpoppers are wild water squirters! Just pull back on the animal head to load, and push it forward to shoot a stream of water up to 20 feet! Each waterpopper is 14 inches long.
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Ginormous Grow Shark  Reg:$4.99 Now:$4.27   (Save 14%)
When placed in water this ginormous shark grows up to 19" long. Two assorted colors.
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Shark Groan Stick  Reg:$4.99 Now:$4.20   (Save 15%)
Sticks groan when shaken or twirled.

Aquatic Triple Polybag Mini  Reg:$4.99 Now:$4.13   (Save 17%)
This is a bag of highly detailed animal figures. All pieces are high quality replicas made of durable plastic. Comes with reusable vinyl zippered bag.
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Shark Compressed Washcloth  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.99   (Save 20%)
Highly detailed, expands in water. Fun characters and bright colors.

Instant Sea Life  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.97   (Save 20%)
Dissolve in water to create a fun foam toy. Each package contains six capsules and educational facts about the character inside.
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2.75-inch Squirt Shark (Bulk Pack of 12 Pieces)  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.57   (Save 28%)
Submerge in water for a fun shark attack. Water squirts from the teeth of the shark when you give it a squeeze.

Aquatic Light-Up Water Balls (Exact Animal will Vary)  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.34   (Save 33%)
Balls that light up when you bounce them.

Fanta-sea Clip-On Purple Hammerhead  Reg:$5.99 Now:$3.00   (Save 49%)

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24-inch Sea Life Inflates (1 Inflatable)  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.99   (Save 25%)
Sea Life Inflatables. Assortment includes an Octopus, Shark, and Seahorse.

Shark Shifters  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.99   (Save 25%)
Changes from a car to a shark

Wooden Magnetic Clip - Shark  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.72   (Save 31%)
Highly detailed wooden clip with magnet. Great for lockers or refrigerators.

Junior Jungle: Aquatic Assortment (1 piece)  Reg:$2.99 Now:$2.56   (Save 14%)
Looking for an adorable set of animals that are designed for younger kids? These whimsical, hand-painted animals are perfect for small hands! Use them to build vocabulary or enhance imaginative play! Sold by the piece. As an assortment, exact animal will vary.
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Wild Hoppers - Shark  Reg:$2.99 Now:$2.53   (Save 15%)
Spring action animals with soft foam heads.

Aquatic Pufferdisc (1 piece)  Reg:$4.99 Now:$2.32   (Save 53%)
Super soft rubber, bright colors and fun graphics! They fly!!!! Assortment; color may vary;
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Bulk Shark, Orca, & Dolphin Pencil Toppers (1 Topper)  Reg:$1.99 Now:$0.98   (Save 50%)
This mix of sharks, dolphins, and orcas works great on their own or as pencil toppers! Sold by the piece. Exact species and color will vary. Each topper measures approximately 3.5 inches.
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2-inch Squirt Sea Life (1 Piece)  Reg:$0.99 Now:$0.74   (Save 25%)
Turtles, octopuses, seahorses, clownfish, sharks, and dolphins. This collection of squirters features a variety of sea life creatures. Simply submerge, squeeze, and squirt.

2.75-inch Squirt Shark (1 Piece)  Reg:$0.99 Now:$0.49   (Save 50%)
Submerge in water for a fun shark attack. Water squirts from the teeth of the shark when you give it a squeeze.

Sea Life Rubber Rings (1 Ring)  Reg:$0.99 Now:$0.49   (Save 50%)
Fashion flair from the deep blue sea. These novelty rings feature cute sea creatures including a dolphin, turtle, octopus, shark, clown fish, and tropical fish. Each Measures approximately 1 inch.

Large Sealife Animal (1 Animal, Species will vary)  Reg:$0.99 Now:$0.49   (Save 50%)
Set includes 12 animals, including whale, sharks, lobster, eel, octopus, orca, sea turtle, and dolphin. Size ranges from 2.75 inches to 4.5 inches.

Mini Great White Shark (1 shark)  Reg:$0.99 Now:$0.49   (Save 50%)
Great White Shark with personality! Finely detailed mini Great White Shark composed of soft rubber. Each one measures .75" (2.5cm) long and fits in any pocket. Age 5+
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Sharks  Reg:$39.99 Now:$28.89   (Save 27%)
With the Sharks Bulk Bag, you don’t have to visit the ocean to meet the sleekest swimmers alive today. Can’t get enough of Safari Ltd® TOOBS® replicas? Bulk Bags feature our most popular TOOBS® figures in 48-piece bags. These individually hand painted miniature replicas are characterized by vibrant colors and accurate detail. Now you can share the fun with more friends! Plus Bulk Bags are perfect for classroom projects, party gifts, or wedding favors. This bag contains Gray Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Great White Sharks, Whale Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Blue Sharks, Mako Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Hammerhead Sharks. Figures Measure: 1.5” to 3”
Out of Stock.
Shark Puppet  Reg:$26.99 Now:$21.44   (Save 20%)
You can run but you can't swim fast enough to evade this awesome predator of the deep. Fortunately, his skin is soft velour and his teeth are vinyl, so even if he catches you, you'll feel no pain from this cuddly (but fierce!) SHARK puppet.
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Out of Stock.
Seven Seas Knuckleheads (Shark, Stingray, Octopus, Jellyfish)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Colorful and fun these finger puppets can give your child hours of fun. Four-piece Set includes a shark, stingray, octopus, and jelleyfish.
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Out of Stock.
Jumbo Hammerhead Shark Stuffed Animal  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
This amazing stuffed animal measures 35 inches long.
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Out of Stock.
Capt'n Sharky Traveling Art Set  Reg:$27.99 Now:$18.23   (Save 34%)
A wonderful gift for the crafty pirate, this quality set encourages imagination and creativity. Durable nylon is stamped with the cool Sharky graphic, embroidered details, and a zipper closure. Includes printed interior with: drawing pad, smooth textured colored pencils with hard cores to ensure durability, one ruler, one eraser, one Sharky logo pencil and one double-sized pencil sharpener. Embroidered. Durable Nylon. Measurements: 7.5 x 10 x 1 inch.
Out of Stock.
Sharky's Diner  Reg:$20.99 Now:$16.27   (Save 22%)
Take Sharky's meal before his jaws snap shut! Call out which piece of junk you want to fish out of his mouth but BEWARE! His jaws may snap shut at any time! Ages 4+
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Out of Stock.
Cuddlekins Tiger Shark (15-inch)  Reg:$18.99 Now:$15.89   (Save 16%)
Cuddlekins have been a best sellers for years because of their cuteness, quality materials, huge selection, and value. Add one to your stuffed animal collection, and you'll see why everyone loves to cuddle with Cuddlekins!
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Out of Stock.
Papo White Shark  Reg:$17.99 Now:$15.33   (Save 14%)
Papo, high quality figurines painted by hand. A complete world of knights, animals, historic and fantastic characters. Ages 3+;
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Out of Stock.
Capt'n Sharky Big puzzle  Reg:$17.99 Now:$14.99   (Save 16%)
48 piece laser-cut puzzle. High quality, sturdy laminated pieces. Beautiful graphics.
Out of Stock.
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