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Build the Shark  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.95   (Save 13%)
Sharks are one of the oldest creatures on the planet—perhaps even older than the dinosaurs—and they have so much to teach us! Build the Shark will teach you about the shark’s body, how it interacts with its environment, where it lives in the ocean, and how it survives. Have fun while learning, and see sharks like you never have before through colorful illustrations, fascinating facts, and finally by building your own great white. Everything you need to build your own shark model is right here. This unique set includes a 32-page book full of colorful illustrations and intriguing facts about sharks, plus 35 slotted pieces to build a three-dimensional great white shark. Explore the inner workings of the shark and learn how it interacts in the ocean. Build the Shark offers a unique building and learning experience as you piece together the great white shark.

COLOR AND GO AQUATIC COLORING BOOK  Reg:$12.99 Now:$10.99   (Save 15%)
Color and go coloring book. Exclusive designs, great for on the go. Travel book has 18 coloring pages and 10 color markers.

Bookmark - Aquatic  Reg:$2.99 Now:$1.99   (Save 33%)
Bright colors and fun characters. 3 unique designs.

Scratch & Stencil: Oceans  Reg:$14.99 Now:$12.95   (Save 13%)
Everything that you need for hours of doodling, stenciling, and crafting can be found in these convenient, on-the-go Scratch & Stencil kits. Each kit includes seven sheets of scratch paper and a wooden stylus, which together can be used to create artwork in fun, bold colors. A 24-page booklet in each kit contains detailed instructions for craft projects that can be created with the three stencils provided, though the scratch sheets are perfect for freehand drawing as well. Scratch & Stencil: Oceans contains black scratch paper that can be scratched through to reveal blue/green, blue/white, rainbow, and metallic silver underneath. The three sea-creature filled stencils included can be used to create such projects as a scary shark sign or friendly fish gift tags.
Out of Stock.
Sharks - Zoobooks  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.99   (Save 25%)
This paperback Zoobook features a beautiful 2-page poster, 4 pages of activities, high quality diagrams, photos, and more. A great educational resource.
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Out of Stock.
Shark Attack  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.99   (Save 20%)
Savage killers or endangered victims? Discover the truth about the most feared creatures in the sea. The 48-page Level 3 books, designed for children who can read on their own, contain more complex sentence structure and more detail.
Paperback | 5.94 x 9.01in | 48 pages | ISBN 9780756656072 | 15 Sep 1998 | 5 - 8 years
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Out of Stock.
Ultimate Sticker Book: Shark and Whale  Reg:$8.99 Now:$6.99   (Save 22%)
Annotated with factual information, this book contains more than 60 full-color, reusable stickers so children can create their own fun scenes.
Paperback | 8.50 x 11.02in | 16 pages | ISBN 9780756602376| 16 Aug 2004 | 5 - 8 years
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Out of Stock.
Sharks by Seymour Simon  Reg:$9.99 Now:$7.99   (Save 20%)
A deep dive into shark-infested waters, with spine-tingling photographs and a text that explores what makes these remarkable and often misunderstood creatures so fascinating.
Paperback • Trim: 10 x 10 • Pages: 32 • Picture Book Nonfiction • Ages: 5-9 • Grades: K-4
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Out of Stock.
The Field Guide to Ocean Animals  Reg:$18.99 Now:$15.95   (Save 16%)
The Field Guide series offers an exceptional experience for young pioneers who want to explore exotic places! Each journal chronicles and explorer's journey and takes kids on an exhilarating expedition. As readers learn interesting facts about each animal, they can construct three-dimensional lifelike models to display. Every two-page spread comes with a different animal to assemble and an individual pouch to hold the pieces. After putting all of the animals together, use the beautifully illustrated diorama as a realistic backdrop for your own museum-style exhibit. Paper Over Board; 8.75 in. x 10.25 in.; 36 pages; Full-color illustrations; Ages 8+.
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Out of Stock.
The Awesome Book of Sharks  Reg:$11.99 Now:$9.95   (Save 17%)
Kids are fascinated by sharks! Reveals over 200 facts for kids of all gaes, including tales and theories of how sharks got their names, what they look like, and where they live.
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Out of Stock.
Capt'n Sharky on Prison Island Book  Reg:$17.99 Now:$14.99   (Save 16%)
Introducing Capt'n Sharky in his adventure Capt'n Sharky on Prison Island by Jutta Langreuter. This classic German character is coming to America with his high sea adventures. Meet the beloved pirate and read his story today! In this book, Capt'n Sharky goes out to sea to save his best buddy Michi from a mean pirate. Snuggle in with a Capt'n Sharky doll and read about bravery, comradery and friendship for a surprise ending you would not ever guess! Coppenrath Publishing house. Hardback with gold detailing.
Out of Stock.
Moonlight Ocean  Reg:$14.99 Now:$12.95   (Save 13%)
What goes on beneath the ocean’s waves at night? Learn what your favorite sea creatures get up to while you’re snug in bed at night! Each page of Moonlight Ocean reveals a different marine animal, but it’s up to inquisitive readers to shine their paper flashlights to illuminate the scenes and find them! It’s off to sea in this follow up to Running Press Kids’ recent title Moonlight Animals.
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Out of Stock.
Viewfinder Oceans Book  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.95   (Save 13%)
Viewfinder: Oceans reveals the extraordinary world of the deep in amazing detail. Using the removable magnifier included with the book, kids can examine the sharp teeth on a saber fish, the thick spines on a sea urchin, and the stinging tentacles on a jellyfish. When they see the light emitters on a lantern fish, they'll learn how they help it lure prey, and when they see the multicolored bill on the puffin, they'll find out how important it is when digging a nest. More than three-quarters of our planet is covered by water—and with Viewfinder: Oceans, kids will get to explore it all!
Out of Stock.
Color and Play: Sea Creatures Book  Reg:$19.99 Now:$9.99   (Save 50%)
Explore the oceans of the world and come face-to-face with fifteen of the most fascinating animals beneath the waves! With Color and Play: Sea Creatures children get an introduction to where the amazing ocean animals live, their typical size, their life span, and many of their special features. Children can then color the model pieces, punch them out, and fit them together to build a blue-ringed octopus, a great white shark, a green sea turtle, and a red lionfish. A removable diorama sets the scene for hours of fun with the sea creatures! With Color and Play: Sea Creatures, kids will discover all of the ocean’s dangerous, bizarre, and beautiful animals.

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