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Camels - Zoobooks  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.99   (Save 25%)
This paperback Zoobook features a beautiful 2-page poster, 4 pages of activities, high quality diagrams, photos, and more. A great educational resource.
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DK Pockets: Mammals  Reg:$8.99 Now:$6.99   (Save 22%)
DK Pockets is a major series of reference guides, small enough to fit in a pocket but comprehensive enough to provide an in-depth look at each subject. Pockets may be compact, but they are bursting with text and pictures. Within the covers, the enthusiast will find essential facts on the subject, plus a valuable reference section packed with charts and lists. These highly collectible guides are fascinating and easy-to-use mini-information books that gather everything you need to know about a subject-and put it in your pocket!
Paperback | 3.93 x 5.15in | 128 pages | ISBN 9780789434173 | 21 Sep 1998 | Dorling Kindersley
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Field Guide to Desert Animals  Reg:$18.99 Now:$15.95   (Save 16%)
Pack an extra canteen and lots of sunscreen for this hot adventure! In The Field Guide to Desert Animals, fictional naturalist Emerson Cole documents some of the unique desert animals he encountered on his travels through the Sahara Desert in 1929. Kids will learn how dromedary camels and death stalker scorpions survive in the blazing heat and freezing cold of the Sahara. Follow the sandfish as it dives below the surface of the sand and then emerges several yards away. Detailed illustrations, photographs, and handwritten diary excerpts make the reader feel as if they're part of the expedition. Kids can also create a 3-D desert scene with a full-color diorama and eight easy-to-assemble models of desert animals.
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Mammals (Smithsonian Handbooks)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
The most visually appealing guides to the natural world that one can buy. Packed with superb full-color photography, detailed descriptions, and highlights of key facts, Mammals is the latest addition to the Smithsonian Handbook series. Including more than 500 profiles each with its own spread, there isn't a more reliable identification guide on the market.
5.78 x 8.38in | 400 pages | ISBN 9780789484048 | 27 Mar 2002
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Out of Stock.
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