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3D Explorer Safari Animals  Reg:$20.99 Now:$17.95   (Save 14%)
With 3-D Explorer: Safari Animals, take a spectacular 3-D journey into the African wilderness with five incredible pop-up scenes that provide an in-depth look at the landscapes and animals of this fascinating continent. From the cool misty mountains of Uganda to the dry dusty plains of Namibia, explore a diverse range of habitats and learn how these amazing animals survive their harsh environments. Includes 5 pop-up scenes: Mountains: Virunga volcanoes in Uganda Grasslands: Serengeti plains in Tanzania Wetlands: Okavango wetlands of Botswana Water Hole: Etosha National Park in Namibia On the Ground: Kruger National Park in South Africa
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3-D Explorer: Bugs Book  Reg:$20.99 Now:$17.95   (Save 14%)
Insects have been around for over 300 million years, since before the time of the dinosaurs. Well over a million types of these creepy crawlies have been identified in habitats ranging from the cacophonus rainforest to the arid desert to dark, damp caves. In fact, they’ve colonized every part of the earth except in the ocean. Insects are everywhere, and they’re some of the most fascinating creatures around—especially when you can see them in 3-D! 3-D Explorer: Bugs features awesome pop-up scenes that will make kids feel like they’re up close and personal with ants, butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, and other types of bugs. They’ll learn about wings and other key parts of insect anatomy and antennae and other important aspects of insect senses. They’ll learn about how they attack and kill their prey, and about their flexible feeding habits, including about how some insects even suck blood! Highlighting the dragonfly to the termite, the cricket to the wasp, this is the perfect book for every budding bug explorer.

Eyewitness Books: Insect (with Clip-Art CD)  Reg:$18.99 Now:$15.99   (Save 15%)
Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the extraordinary world of insects. Superb color photographs of beetles, bugs, bees, butterflies, and more give the reader a unique "eyewitness" insight into the variety and complexity of insects, their structure, life cycles and behavior. See a queen wasp building her nest, a caterpillar devouring a leaf, a cockchafer beetle taking off, two stag beetles fighting over a mate, and a damselfly nymph emerging as an adult. Learn why bees make honey, how to identify insects, why leafcutter ants build underground nests, how diving beetles live and breathe in water, and how mosquitoes spread disease. Discover how a wasp's compound eyes work, which insects have ears on their knees, how wasp grubs feed on living caterpillars, how a butterfly can smell with its wings, and much, much more!
Hardcover and CD | 8.77 x 11.49in | 72 pages | ISBN 0756606926 | 02 Aug 2004 | 8 - 12 years
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The Awesome Book of Bugs  Reg:$11.99 Now:$9.95   (Save 17%)
Kids are fascinated by bugs! Reveals over 200 facts for kids of all gaes, including tales and theories of how bugs got their names, what they look like, and where they live.
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Doodle It: Creepy Critters  Reg:$14.99 Now:$7.50   (Save 49%)
Kids who love to wriggle, squirm, and draw abuzz with excitement over Doodle It: Creepy Critters. This clever new book lets creative kids complete more than 100 squiggly doodles, including decorating ladybugs, drawing enormous spiders, filling a slimy sewer and much more. Comes with 100 reusuable stickers. NYP 8/1/10
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Animal Champions - Zoobooks  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.99   (Save 25%)
This paperback Zoobook features a beautiful 2-page poster, 4 pages of activities, high quality diagrams, photos, and more. A great educational resource.
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Insects - Zoobooks  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.00   (Save 49%)
This paperback Zoobook features a beautiful 2-page poster of an Io Moth,4 pages of Insect Activities,photos of a mite, a centipede, a millipede, a louse, a grasshopper, a scorpion, a spider, a mosquito, a beetle, a walking stick, a treehopper, a katydid, a wasp, a caterpillar, and more. It discusses how insects hop, fly, swim, hover and climb. It also compares the wings of 7 different insects and the coloring of 11 more.
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Insects (Smithsonian Handbooks)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Packed with superb full-color photography, detailed descriptions, and highlights of key facts, Insects is a great addition to the Smithsonian Handbook series. Including hundreds of profiles each with its own spread, there isn't a more reliable identification guide on the market.
Paperback: flexiback | 5.78 x 8.38in | 400 pages | ISBN 9780789484048 | 13 Mar 2002 | Dorling Kindersley
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Big Book of Bugs  Reg:$17.99 Now:$14.99   (Save 16%)
Enjoy this up-close and personal book for young entomologists and all curious kids who are fascinated with bugs. Look right into a spider's eye and get tangled in its web! Marvel at the stunning pictures of teeny tiny creepy crawlies blown up to extraordinary sizes. Engaging annotations provide buggy facts and figures. Larger than life photographs of creepy crawlies include locusts, caterpillars, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, ants, praying mantis, and more!
Hardcover | 10.74 x 14.09in | 32 pages | ISBN 9780789465207| 09 Aug 2000 | 8 - 12 years
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Eye Wonder: Bugs  Reg:$12.99 Now:$10.99   (Save 15%)
Enter the extraordinary empire of the creepy-crawly. From dung beetles to dragonflies, meet the neighbors you rarely see - but are essential to your life. A wealth of facts, combined with dramatic photography, ensures that Eye Wonders are the perfect educational start for young children. Eye Wonders is a groundbreaking reference series specially developed for younger children aged five plus. In a stunning style departure for DK, wonderful photography shows subjects within their natural setting, offering a whole new level of information through powerful images. Vocabulary is accessible to children aged five plus, with the meanings of new, subject-related words clearly explained. The series provides an excellent knowledge base on the natural world for children starting to learn. The combination of breathtaking visuals and informative, accurate text will hook even those children who usually avoid books.
Hardcover | 7.99 x 10.43in | 48 pages | ISBN 0789485524 | 03 May 2002 | 5 - 8 years
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Ultimate Sticker Book: Bugs  Reg:$8.99 Now:$6.99   (Save 22%)
Annotated with factual information, this book contains more than 60 full-color, reusable stickers so children can create their own fun scenes.
Paperback | 8.50 x 11.02in | 16 pages | ISBN 9780756602345| 23 Aug 2004 | 5 - 8 years
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Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.99   (Save 20%)
Longer sentences and an expanded vocabulary make this series of 48-page books slightly more challenging: Level 2 is appropriate for children who have started to read but still need help. Information boxes full of background information will stimulate inquisitive minds. These books contain between 700 and 850 words, and they are approximately 70 percent pictures and 30 percent text. The Dorling Kindersley Readers combine an enticing visual layout with high-interest, easy-to-read stories to captivate and delight young bookworms who are just getting started. Written by leading children's authors and compiled in consultation with literacy experts, these engaging books build reader confidence along with a lifelong appreciation for nonfiction, classic stories, and biographies. There is a DK Reader to interest every child at every level, from preschool to grade 4.
Paperback | 5.98 x 9.01in | 32 pages | ISBN 0789434385 | 15 Sep 1998 | 5 - 8 years
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Animal Wonders - Zoobooks  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.99   (Save 25%)
This paperback Zoobook features a beautiful 2-page poster, 4 pages of activities, high quality diagrams, photos, and more. A great educational resource.
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