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Smart Phone Pencil Sharpener (Bulk Pack of 12 Sharpeners)  Reg:$21.99 Now:$18.88   (Save 14%)
A unique stationery prize sure to be the talk of the classroom. This collection of pencil sharpeners take on the form of smart phones. Pencils sold separately. 2-inchX3.5-inch

Space Pencil (Bulk Pack of 12 Pencils)  Reg:$2.99 Now:$1.99   (Save 33%)
Planets, stars, galaxies, suns, and more! A galaxy of starry stationery thatís truly out of this world!

Sparkling Jewels (144 Pieces)  Reg:$17.99 Now:$11.35   (Save 36%)
Whether you are needing to fill a pirate's chest or collecting royal jewels for your princess, this set of 144 sparkling, colorful plastic jewels is sure to fit the bill. Each jewel measures about 1 inch long. This set includes 12 dozen (144) jewels.
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Spider Water Snake (Bulk Pack of 12 Water Snakes)  Reg:$16.99 Now:$11.83   (Save 30%)
Our 4.5-inch water snakes are slippery, elusive, and almost impossible to control. But thatís the fun of it all! This collection features creepy spiders inside the snake.
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Spider Webbing (Bulk Pack of 12 Bags)  Reg:$9.99 Now:$7.99   (Save 20%)
Itís a tangled and ultra-stretchable web to weave all over windows, walls, and furniture. Includes attached plastic spider.

Splat Bracelet (Bulk Pack of 12 Bracelets)  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.53   (Save 36%)
Itís a fun fashion statement for those born to walk on the wild side. This collection of novelty bracelets features variety of splattered paint designs on a variety of solid color palettes. They make great party favors and carnival prizes.

Spooky Bouncy Eye Ball (Bulk Pack of 12 Balls)  Reg:$13.99 Now:$11.99   (Save 14%)
These hi-bounce balls measure 1.8 inches in diameter and feature an eerie eye design. Use as dinosaur eyes, lizard eyes, monster eyes, or alien eyes. Diameter is 45mm (1.8-inch).
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Sports Ball Pencil (Bulk Pack of 12 Pencils)  Reg:$2.99 Now:$1.99   (Save 33%)
Attention sports fans! Football, baseball, soccer, basketball...these pencils have them all!

Sticky Butterfly Grabber (Bulk Pack of 12 Butterflies)  Reg:$3.99 Now:$2.84   (Save 28%)
Sticky and elastic. Fling these rubbery, creepy, slippery, slimy butterflies into the air and watch them stick to everything. Measures 2-inches.

Stretch Smiley Stress Ball (Bulk Pack Of 12 Balls)  Reg:$19.99 Now:$16.99   (Save 15%)
You gotta squeeze it to believe it! Like nothing we have squeezed before. Itís extra-squeezable and squishy. When you squeeze tightly, air bubbles emerge from the interior. This collection of 2-inch stretch balls features a variety of funny faces.

Stretchy Sling Shot Chicken (Bulk Pack of 12 Chickens)  Reg:$11.99 Now:$9.99   (Save 16%)
Chicken finger fun! Stick your finger into the 4-inch stretchy rubbery chickenís mouth and pull back in its legs. Now take aim and fire away, deploying the slingshot method.

Stretchy Squeeze Octopus (Bulk Pack of 12 Octopus)  Reg:$34.99 Now:$29.99   (Save 14%)
Cute yet creepy. This 8-inch sea creature features a rubbery, stretchable texture. When you squeeze, all eight limbs wiggle and jiggle.

Swirl Pacifier Candy Ring (Bulk Pack of 12 Rings)  Reg:$7.99 Now:$6.68   (Save 16%)
Who says pacifiers are for babies? This sweet swirl candy takes on the form of pacifier rings.
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Tentacle Ball (Bulk Pack Of 12 Balls)  Reg:$20.99 Now:$17.99   (Save 14%)
These 4-inch squeezable rubbery balls feature protruding spikes resembling tentacles.

Tiny 1.5-inch Stretchy Turtle (Bulk Pack of 12 Turtles)  Reg:$4.99 Now:$4.15   (Save 16%)
These small turtles, tortoises, and sea turtles feature intricate artwork on the shells and stretchy bodies. They make great prizes for reptile lovers everywhere.

Tropical Fish Glitter Tattoos (Bulk Pack of 72 Tattoos)  Reg:$2.99 Now:$2.02   (Save 32%)
A colorful party prize for fans of the aquatic world. This collection of temporary tattoos features a variety of tropical fish designs.

Twist Lollipop (Bulk Pack of 12 Pieces)  Reg:$13.99 Now:$11.99   (Save 14%)
A multi-color twist on a time-honored sweet treat. 12-inch. 2 oz.

U.S. Flag Pencil (Bulk Pack of 12 Pencils)  Reg:$2.99 Now:$1.99   (Save 33%)
Sharpen up your writing skills with the Stars and Stripes as your inspiration. This collection of novelty pencils features Old Glory, perfect for patriotic parties.

White Leis (Bulk Pack of 12 Leis)  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.89   (Save 22%)
A time-honored fashion accessory allowing you be the life of the luau. These leis make a splash for beach bashes, Hawaiian parties, even Mardi Gras. Pass them out to your guests to add a touch of festive fun to your gala. Each Lei measures 36 inches in circumference and is about 1.5 inches wide.
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Wind-up Flower Windmill Pen (Bulk Pack of 12 Pens)  Reg:$31.99 Now:$26.99   (Save 15%)
Simply twist the top to activate some serious flower power. These windmill flower pens are proven winners as far as stationery prizes.

Zebra Print Sunglasses (Bulk Pack of 12 Sunglasses)  Reg:$27.99 Now:$23.99   (Save 14%)
Stylish stripes for swanky eyewear! This collection of novelty sunglasses features a funky zebra print on the frames. A proven prize for animal theme parties.

Zoo Animal Pairs Folding Fan (Bulk Pack of 12 Fans)  Reg:$2.99 Now:$1.99   (Save 33%)
Keep cool with these folding fans featuring zoo animals.

Zoo Animal Rubber Rings (Bulk Pack of 12 Rings)  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.99   (Save 20%)
A wild thing ring! This collection of rubber rings features a variety of cute zoo animals, including a lion, monkey, tiger, zebra, elephant, and giraffe. Each ring measures approximately 1 inch.

1-inch Mini Zoo Animal Erasers (Bulk Pack of 144 Erasers)  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.55   (Save 20%)
Lions, tigers, and bears! This collection of erasers features a variety of zoo animals. An absolute must for animal theme parties. Assortments may vary.
Out of Stock.
1.38-inch Smile Face Stampers (Bulk Pack of 24 Stamps)  Reg:$10.99 Now:$9.06   (Save 17%)
Leave a happy impression wherever you go! These stampers feature bright smiley faces.
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Out of Stock.
1.38-inch Smiling Star Stampers (Bulk Pack of 24 Stamps)  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.88   (Save 15%)
Kids love to leave their mark with these unique ink stampers. Each one features a smiling star as the imprint. Perfect for theme parties, birthdays, and school events.
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Out of Stock.
1.5-inch Puffy Zoo Animal Sticker (Bulk Pack of 72 Stickers)  Reg:$5.99 Now:$4.64   (Save 22%)
A spectacular prize for animal theme parties and school events. This colorful collection of puff stickers features a variety of animal themes. Our puff stickers boast a protruding fluffy texture, each with its own individual adhesive back.
Out of Stock.
1.5-inch Tropical Fish (Bulk Pack of 12 Fish)  Reg:$2.99 Now:$1.99   (Save 33%)
his school of plastic tropical fish figures features a variety of scintillating multi-color designs.
Out of Stock.
10-inch Baseball Inflate (Bulk Pack of 12 Inflatables)  Reg:$10.99 Now:$8.99   (Save 18%)
Inflatable baseball. Great for parties or just decoration.
Out of Stock.
10-inch Football Inflate (Bulk Pack of 12 Inflatables)  Reg:$14.99 Now:$12.39   (Save 17%)
Inflatable football. Great for parties or just decoration.
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Out of Stock.
10-Inch Plush Frog (Bulk Pack of 12 Frogs)  Reg:$27.99 Now:$23.99   (Save 14%)
Take a soft, cuddly leap of faith. This plush frog features a spotted green finish and a radiant red tongue.
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Out of Stock.
10-inch Vinyl Alligator (Bulk Pack of 12 Gators)  Reg:$11.99 Now:$9.99   (Save 16%)
These vinyl alligators make great prizes for animal lovers everywhere.
Gift Wrap Available (Click for Options)
Out of Stock.
10-inch White Soccerball Inflate (Bulk Pack of 12 Inflatables)  Reg:$12.99 Now:$10.97   (Save 15%)
Inflatable Soccer Ball. Great for parties. About 32" for the circumference, and about 16" in diameter
Out of Stock.
16-inch Red/White/Blue Beach Ball (Bulk Pack of 12 Beach Balls)  Reg:$13.99 Now:$11.86   (Save 15%)
Inflatable Red/White/Blue Beach Ball. Great for the pool or beach.
Out of Stock.
Perfect prizes for Old West theme parties. each piece measures between 2 and 3 inches.
Gift Wrap Available (Click for Options)
Out of Stock.
2-inch Kitty Rubber Ducky (Bulk Pack of 12 Ducks)  Reg:$6.99 Now:$5.99   (Save 14%)
Feline fun for the bath. This collection of rubber ducks features a variety of cute kitty designs.
Out of Stock.
2-inch Rubber Frogs (Bulk Pack of 12 Frogs)  Reg:$7.99 Now:$6.40   (Save 19%)
A fun friend. This rubbery frog features spots and bulging eyes. When you squeeze, it emits a funny high pitched squeal.
Out of Stock.
2-inch Zombie Rubber Duckies (Bulk Pack of 12 Ducks)  Reg:$7.99 Now:$6.32   (Save 20%)
A fun prize thatís out of this world! These rubber ducks take on the look of zombies.
Out of Stock.
2-inch Zoo Animal Finger Puppets (Bulk Pack of 12 Puppets)  Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.84   (Save 23%)
Talk to the animals. This collection of finger puppets features a variety of zoo animals.
Out of Stock.
2.5-inch Horses (Bulk Pack of 12 Horses)  Reg:$2.99 Now:$1.99   (Save 33%)
The race is on for pony prizes. This stable of toy horses features a variety of colors and designs.
Out of Stock.
2.5-Inch Metallic Neon Soccer Ball (Bulk Pack Of 12 Balls)   Reg:$14.99 Now:$12.99   (Save 13%)
These hi-bounce balls take on the pattern of soccer balls with a metallic sheen. Each dozen in colorful display box.
Gift Wrap Available (Click for Options)
Out of Stock.
2.5-inch Smart Phone Eraser (Bulk Pack of 36 Erasers)  Reg:$13.99 Now:$11.43   (Save 18%)
A wise way to correct mistakes. This collection of novelty erasers takes on the form of modern smart phones.
Out of Stock.
2.5-inch Zoo Animal Finger Puppets (Bulk Pack of 12 Puppets)  Reg:$10.99 Now:$8.46   (Save 23%)
A fun prize for animal lovers. This cast of plush finger puppets features a variety of zoo animals, including a lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant, zebra, and monkey.
Gift Wrap Available (Click for Options)
Out of Stock.
Race Car Inflatable.
Out of Stock.
24-inch Owl Inflatable (Bulk Pack of 12 Inflatables)  Reg:$34.99 Now:$29.99   (Save 14%)
Owl inflatables. Great for parties or decorations. Come in assorted colors.
Out of Stock.
27-inch Pink Pony Inflatable (Bulk Pack of 12 Inflatables)  Reg:$35.99 Now:$30.99   (Save 13%)
Pink Pony Inflate. Great for parties or just decoration.
Out of Stock.
3-inch Black Metal Cow Bell (Bulk Pack of 12 Bells)   Reg:$11.99 Now:$9.99   (Save 16%)
Get ready to rock until the cows come home! These cowbells make loud noisemakers for New Yearís Eve, football games, or any time you want to raise a raucous ruckus. 3-inch (3" L x 2.25" W x 3" H)
Out of Stock.
3-inch Blue Metal Cow Bell (Bulk Pack of 12 Bells)  Reg:$11.99 Now:$9.99   (Save 16%)
Get ready to rock until the cows come home! These cowbells make loud noisemakers for New Yearís Eve, football games, or any time you want to raise a raucous ruckus. 3-inch
Gift Wrap Available (Click for Options)
Out of Stock.
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