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Nature - Animals Gone Wild (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$11.50   (Save 49%)
Program 1: Animals Behaving Badly - Searching for territory and shelter, food and water, untamed animals are in our cars, our yards, our homes, and in our face. Animals Behaving Badly explores the ever-escalating battle for space between animals and humans.

Program 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Grizzly - In The Good, the Bad, and the Grizzly, America's greatest predator struggles on a modern frontier. Meet the homeowners who find themselves under siege from foraging grizzlies, the ranchers whose livestock is at peril, and wildlife managers charged with keeping the peace between bears and humans.

Approx. 112 Minutes
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Nature - Europe's Enchanted Lands  Reg:$22.99 Now:$11.50   (Save 49%)
Program 1: Land of the Falling Lakes - In the heart of Croatia lies a hidden treasure--Plitvice Lakes National Park. This extraordinary natural preserve is a fairy tale world that has lain undisturbed for centuries. That is, until Civil War tore the Balkans apart a decade ago. But, Plitvice has an almost supernatural ability to regenerate and heal itself. The restless landscape is constantly in motion, continually building new waterfalls and pools, merging its elements to create a place like no other. In this spellbinding episode from the award-winning PBS series, witness the savagery and splendor of nature that has created a kingdom formed, and ruled, by water. Here, one of the continent's largest population of brown bears, packs of wolves and lynx, and a host of other rare and remarkable creatures that have all but disappeared elsewhere, seek safe haven. Each season brings its own unique beauty to one of the last ancient European forests and an unparalleled world of crystal-clear lakes that flow into one another through a series of spectacular terraces and cascading waterfalls. It is a land of wonders. Program 2: Ireland - From its ocean shores and wooded glens to its isolated mountains, Ireland's breathtaking landscapes seem untouched by time. Narrated by Jason O'Mara, this enchanting episode from public television's honored natural history series etches a vivid portrait of the Emerald Isle, graced with a host of plants and animals that thrive in one of the most varied landscapes in Europe. Rare native flowers, colonies of sea birds, dolphins and peregrine falcons, and the legendary racehorses of the Irish National Stud are only part of Ireland's fascinating story. Ireland's timeless beauty has survived the ages. But, what is old to us is still young to the land, which has been transformed again and again. Sheathed in ice; sculpted by retreating glaciers; covered in vast forests of oak; reshaped by human history; Ireland's story is still unfolding.

Nature: Kusasi & Snowflake (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$11.50   (Save 49%)
Their remarkable true stories captured the hearts and imaginations of the world! Meet international celebrities Kusasi and Snowflake in two classic episodes of NATURE contained on one specially priced disc. Julia Roberts is featured in From Orphan to King, the fascinating saga of how Kusasi, orphaned and kidnapped as an infant, turned misfortunes into triumph to become King of the Orangutans. Snowflake: The White Gorilla, profiles the world's only known white gorilla, and takes a fascinating look at the dramatic changes in our relationships with the great apes entrusted to our care. (Approx. 108 minutes)
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NATURE brings you face to face with two of Africa's most magnificent creatures. In Rhinoceros, wildlife filmmaker Nigel Marven chronicles the plights of the world's five species of rhino, each struggling for their continued survival. In the second episode, Martyn Colbeck shares his spectacular footage of the Unforgettable Elephants that stole his heart. Appx. 104 minutes.
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Nature - Bears (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Go face-to-face with the Grizzly – Twice! Approx 112 Minutes
Program 1: Showdown at Grizzly River - During most Alaskan summers, the McNeil River Falls is swimming with salmon – enough to feed all the grouchy grizzly bears looking to fatten up after six months of slumber. But this year is different. The salmon is scarce, and the competition for the best fishing sports is fierce. Where does that leave Toughie, the impetuous little female cub who’s spending her last year at her mother’s side? As mom competes with Woofie, Creek Bear, and other alpha males to catch the remaining fish, Toughie watches and waits, hopefully learning enough to survive the coming years alone. Their showdown at Grizzly River is a natural story of breathtaking beauty and spine-tingling confrontation.
Program 2: Walking With Giants: The Grizzlies of Siberia - Who says that given the chance, a ten-feet-tall, 1500-pound grizzly bear would tear you limb from limb? Certainly not naturalists Charlie Russell and Maureen Enns. They contend that this growing predator is an intelligent social animal that isn’t instinctively hostile to human beings. To prove their point, they go to Siberia’s Kamchatka Peninsula to live with a group of grizzlies that have never been with people before. Unexpectedly, they become foster parents to three orphaned cubs, hoping to fatten them up and teach them the skills they need to survive in this bear-bite-bear world.
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Nature - Dogs (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Presenting a Double Program DVD on Man's Best Friend. (Approx 112 Minutes)
Program 1: Extraordinary Dogs Through amazing and emotional stories about dogs and their special bonds with humans, witness some of the extraordinary things canines do as our companions, protectors, and assistants.
Program 2: Dogs: The Early Years Narrated by John Ritter, this playful and practical look at the irresistibly adorable stage of a young dog’s life profiles different breeds and their owners, and provides advice on choosing the right puppy for you.
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Nature - Pandas (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
See the world's favorite bears - in the wild and in captivity! (Approx. 112 minutes)

Program 1: Pandas of the Sleeping Dragon - With its furry white head, black-ringed eyes, and look of perpetual amusement, the great panda bear has lumbered into the hearts of people around the world. Unfortunately, this endangered creature may be making its last stand in habitats like the bamboo forest in China's "Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon." NATURE's George Page leads you through this misty and exotic land, catching the panda in its most frequent activity; foraging for, and crunching on, bamboo shoots. China has named these gentle animals a national treasure, and this intimate and charming close-up shows you why.

Program 2: The Panda Baby - The San Diego Zoo faced a bear of a challenge: becoming the first place outside China to sucessfully breed and raise a panda in captivity. Would the zoo be able to gain the full cooperation of panda experts at China's Wolong Conservation Center? And what would it do about its potential father bear - an older panda with little interest in procreation? Actor Matthew Modine tells a fascinating, cross-cultural, inter-species story that offers dramatic twists and turns as well as surprising insights into panda mating, reproduction, and "child care." In bringing up baby, the zoo raises hopes and fears for the future of all endangered species.
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Nature - San Diego Zoo (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Amazing Tales From the San Diego Zoo! Today's zoos and wild animal parks are much more than meets the eye. At the world-famous San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, many of the most amazing takes happen behind the scenes. Here, devoted professionals work long and hard to keep every one of the animals in their care happy and healthy, and in the case of some endangered species, that work can make the difference between survival and extinction.

In this compelling collection of true stories, you'll meet some very special animals and the people who care for them -- you'll fall in love with a baby gorilla that bounces back from a critical medical condition to change the lives of her whole community; you'll find out what it takes to make a polar bear happy, and you'll see some of the heroic efforts being made to save rhinos, pandas, cheetahs, and condors. Extra Features: Polar Bear Plunge and Marvelous Marsupials. (Approx. 68 minutes)
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Nature - Shark Mountain (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Husband and wife underwater filmakers Howard and Michele Hall have risked the dangers of the ocean, and explored its mysteries. In this very special episode of NATURE, the Halls take you along on the expedition of a lifetime to Coco's Island. World famous for its sharks, this tiny outpost 300 miles into the Pacific off the coast of Central America was once a haven for pirates. But the Halls are seeking their own brand of treasure. Spectacular footage shot in high definition video of this beautiful wilderness where thousands of sharks and fantastic creatures gather in the currents beyond the reach of humans. (Approx. 60 minutes)
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Nature - Sharks (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
A Dangerous Double-Program. (Approx. 112 minutes) Program 1: The Secret World of Sharks and Rays - For all their Hollywood-bred notoriety, sharks have been deeply mysterious, almost unknowable creatures – until now. This compelling program goes below the surface to probe the long secret world of these sleek and sneaky predators. Despite the shark’s familial ties to the saucer-like ray, you’ll find that in this unforgiving underworld, blood is no thicker than water. Program 2: White Shark/Red Triagle - They call it the red triangle, and with bloody good reason: many great white sharks prowl and probe here. But, why do they choose these specific waters – the coastal area between San Francisco and Monterey – to practice their vaunted killing skills? This program follows sharks as they hunt for their favorite comfort food, the blubbery elephant seal.
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Nature - Tall Blondes (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Lynn Sherr, the award-winning correspondent for ABC TV's 20/20 news magazine, hosts this very special episode of NATURE. Based on Sherr's book, Tall Blondes, this personal odyssey takes a surprising and revealing look at the magnificent giraffe. These elegant, graceful, and gentle giants really stand out in a crowd with their immense size and playful personalities. Sherr visits a giraffe sanctuary in Kenya, attends the birth of a giraffe at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, and recalls the poignant story of Victor, an injured giraffe at an English zoo whose plight captured the world's hearts. Thrill to exciting footage of a giraffe roundup, and eavesdrop as supposedly silent giraffes communicate with each other. As Sherr tells viewers, "You don't have to be tall or blonde to fall in love with these wonderful animals." (Approx 60 minutes)
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Nature - The Dolphin Defender (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
You will be swept away by wildlife filmmaker and ocean conservationalist Hardy Jones' compelling and inspiring odyssey into the dolphin universe. Dolphins are Jones' life's work. What started as a quest to communicate with these beautiful, friendly, and intelligent creatures became a twenty-five-year crusade to protect dolphins against man's greed. How effective can a man with a camera be in giving dolphins and killer whales a fighting chance to survive against fisherman's nets, captivity, environmental destruction, and horrific, senseless killings. (Approx 50 minutes)
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Nature - Waddlers and Paddlers (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Dive into the world of penguins and sea otters. (Approx 112 minutes)

Program 1: The World of Penguins - What bird in its right mind would give up flying to learn how to swim? Penguins did that millions of years ago, but they have been a wild success ever since, becoming graceful swimmers and adapting themselves to a wide range of environments, from the bitter cold of the Antarctic to the scorching heat of the equator. While they stiffly and comically waddle when making their way across land, this engrossing program helps you to look past the stereotypes to see the resourcefulness of these "strange birds." Every penguin species seems to have its own challenges to overcome, but none is more amazing that that of the Emperor penguins, who travel to the polar ice region every year to mate. Taking off to find food, the females leave their eggs with the more blubbery males, who spend the dark, Antarctic winter keeping them warm-without having a thing to eat. This fascinating and delightful program is as refreshing as a blast of Artic air.

Program 2: A Sea Otter Story: Warm Hearts and Cold Water - The sea otter learns everything from its mom, who is among the most patient and nurturing parents in the wild. But what happens if a furry, playful little otter pup loses its mother? This program takes you to California's Monterey Bay Aquarium, where a special group is trying to train otter orphans for survival in the wild. Staff members serve as surrogate moms, nuzzling these charming creatures, showing them how to dive for food, and teaching them the otter practice of using rocks as tools. Six to eight months later, they release them back into the wild and hope for the best. But can pups, no matter how smart, really learn from humans? Will they eventually transmit that knowledge to their offspring? Like a great thriller, this touching story keeps you in its grip waiting for the answers.
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Nature: Reptiles - Snakes & Lizards (DVD)  Reg:$22.99 Now:$19.99   (Save 13%)
Learn more about these popular reptiles in this informative double program. (Approx. 112 minutes)

Program 1: Snakes - Bringing you face to face with some of the deadliest snakes on the planet, renowned snake experts guide you in the hunt and handling of these slithery creatures and give insights on their biology and behavior.

Program 2: Lizards - In this amusing, yet highly informative program, you’ll learn about the diverse appearances and adaptations of lizards through a photographer who poses his subjects unforgettably for the lens.
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Wildlife On The Prowl (Set of 6 DVDs)  Reg:$34.99 Now:$29.99   (Save 14%)
Bring home a collection of fascinating programs on the most exciting predators found on land or in water! (Approx. 6 hours)

Disc 1: Life in the Wild, Part One - Travel across five continents for a close-up view of lions, giraffes, vultures, elephants, boa snakes, chameleons, crocodiles, Himalayan tigers, and the gnu!

Disc 2: Life in the Wild, Part Two - Whether on land or underwater, see koalas, alligators, black bulls, polar bears, mud worms, fiddler crabs, grizzly bears, marine iguanas, leopard sharks, white stallions, and more!

Disc 3: Untamed Africa, Part One - Renowned filmmaker Frederic LePage follows hundreds of wildebeests and zebras as they venture on the greatest migration on earth. This fantastic journey reveals the stories of lions, rhinoceroses, ostriches, elephants and more!

Disc 4: Untamed Africa, Part Two - Emmy Award-winning actor John Hurt narrates the story for survival in the Serengeti, where the fertile lands of the Masai Mara play host to more than 200,000 wild births every year.

Disc 5: Super Predators - Meet savage lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs and more in this award-winning program that takes you to Kenya’s Masai Mara and South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Disc 6: Life in the Sea - From the hammerhead to the great white, go face-to-face with a variety of sharks! Witness the octopus strangle its prey and watch the camouflaging tactics of dangerous fish.
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