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Bear (Brown & Black) Stuffed Animals (65)
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Teddy Bear Stuffed Animals (30)
Black Bear Toys (27)
Teddy Bears (16)
Clearance (16)
Princess Soft Toys (8)
Jumbo Plush (6)
Wild Watchers (5)
Cuddlekins (Large) (4)

Aurora (24)
Wild Republic (13)
Melissa & Doug (12)
Rhode Island Novelty (5)
Wildlife Artists (5)
Folkmanis (2)
The Petting Zoo (1)
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4.5-Inch Neon Color Bear (1 Be...
by Adventure Planet
Reg:$0.99 Now:$0.75
(Save 24%)
4.5-Inch Neon Color Bear (Bulk...
by Adventure Planet
Reg:$11.99 Now:$6.00
(Save 49%)
7" Bright Eyes Black Bear
by The Petting Zoo
Reg:$12.99 Now:$11.24
(Save 13%)
Ashford Bear - Medium Teddy
by Aurora
Reg:$17.99 Now:$15.60
(Save 13%)
Ashford Bear - Small Teddy
by Aurora
Reg:$11.99 Now:$10.38
(Save 13%)
Baby Bear - Blue Teddy
by Aurora
Reg:$16.99 Now:$5.95
(Save 64%)
Baby Black Bear Puppet
by Folkmanis
Reg:$14.99 Now:$13.02
(Save 13%)
Baby Ferguson Teddy Bear
by Melissa & Doug
Reg:$12.99 Now:$10.79
(Save 16%)
Baby Roscoe Teddy Bear
by Melissa & Doug
Reg:$11.99 Now:$10.39
(Save 13%)
Baby Roscoe Vanilla Teddy Bear
by Melissa & Doug
Reg:$12.99 Now:$10.99
(Save 15%)
Barnam the Black Bear (Dreamy ...
by Aurora
Reg:$13.99 Now:$11.59
(Save 17%)
Beeposh Hope Teddy Bear
by Melissa & Doug
Reg:$20.99 Now:$18.07
(Save 13%)
Big Roscoe Vanilla Teddy Bear
by Melissa & Doug
Reg:$30.99 Now:$26.88
(Save 13%)
Black Bear (Conservation Critt...
by Wildlife Artists
Reg:$9.99 Now:$8.69
(Save 13%)
Black Bear (Destination Nation...
by Aurora
Reg:$16.99 Now:$14.38
(Save 15%)
Black Bear (Wild Watcher Minis...
by Wild Republic
Reg:$7.99 Now:$2.00
(Save 74%)
Black Bear 5" ( Weez Bean Bag ...
by Adventure Planet
Reg:$6.99 Now:$9.88
(Save -42%)
Black Bear Cub Clasp Purse
by Wild Republic
Reg:$10.99 Now:$2.75
(Save 74%)
Black Bear Cuddlekins (Large)
by Wild Republic
Reg:$17.99 Now:$12.05
(Save 33%)
Black Bear Large (Conservation...
by Wildlife Artists
Reg:$17.99 Now:$8.99
(Save 50%)
Black Bear Plush (Small of the...
by Wildlife Artists
Reg:$4.99 Now:$3.99
(Save 20%)
Blackstone the Bear (Flopsies)
by Aurora
Reg:$13.99 Now:$11.41
(Save 18%)
Blueberry Blue Teddy Bear Stuf...
by Melissa & Doug
Reg:$14.99 Now:$12.46
(Save 16%)
Brown Bear Stuffed Animal
by Adventure Planet
Reg:$2.99 Now:$1.50
(Save 49%)
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