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Wild Republic
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The Mountain

Nature - Waddlers and Paddlers (DVD)

Item # 33QD3509

Dive into the world of penguins and sea otters. (Approx 112 minutes)

Program 1: The World of Penguins - What bird in its right mind would give up flying to learn how to swim? Penguins did that millions of years ago, but they have been a wild success ever since, becoming graceful swimmers and adapting themselves to a wide range of environments, from the bitter cold of the Antarctic to the scorching heat of the equator. While they stiffly and comically waddle when making their way across land, this engrossing program helps you to look past the stereotypes to see the resourcefulness of these "strange birds." Every penguin species seems to have its own challenges to overcome, but none is more amazing that that of the Emperor penguins, who travel to the polar ice region every year to mate. Taking off to find food, the females leave their eggs with the more blubbery males, who spend the dark, Antarctic winter keeping them warm-without having a thing to eat. This fascinating and delightful program is as refreshing as a blast of Artic air.

Program 2: A Sea Otter Story: Warm Hearts and Cold Water - The sea otter learns everything from its mom, who is among the most patient and nurturing parents in the wild. But what happens if a furry, playful little otter pup loses its mother? This program takes you to California's Monterey Bay Aquarium, where a special group is trying to train otter orphans for survival in the wild. Staff members serve as surrogate moms, nuzzling these charming creatures, showing them how to dive for food, and teaching them the otter practice of using rocks as tools. Six to eight months later, they release them back into the wild and hope for the best. But can pups, no matter how smart, really learn from humans? Will they eventually transmit that knowledge to their offspring? Like a great thriller, this touching story keeps you in its grip waiting for the answers.

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