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I'll be your tour guide today! We have several tours to choose from. To begin a tour, just click on a link below. During the tour, I will guide you to the next stop. When the tour is over, we will return to this page. At that point, you can explore the site on your own, or take another tour with me!


This tour will introduce you to some of the most unusual animals on the earth. Australia is known for its unique wildlife, as you will see on this tour. Start the Tour!

Halloween Animals

Learn the facts about animals associated with this creepy Holiday. Start the Tour!


This tour will introduce you to the world's fiercest predators. By land, sea, and air, these predators strike fear into the hearts of their prey. They are beautifully designed to hunt and kill their prey.  Start the Tour!

South America

Learn about some of the unique animals found in South America. From anteaters to toucans, you'll see animals found no where else in the world. Start the Tour!

Zookeeper's Favorite Videos

This tour takes you through the Zookeeper's favorite videos. From roaring lions to huge purple tongues, you'll be amazed. Start the Tour!

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